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Dobro dosli na internet prezentaciju planine Tare ::: Sve o planini Tari na jednom mestu, apartmani, sobe, vikendice :: ostale informacije: flora, fauna, lekovite biljke, tarska kuca I kuhinja…polozaj planine Tare i njene karakteristike ::: velika galerija slika, sferne panorame…

::: TARA-APARTMANI ::: Odmor i smestaj na planini Tari | Sobe, Vikendice, Fotografije…



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About Tara

Mountain Tara is situated in the western part of Serbia, in a large bend of the Drina River at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbian. On the north is bounded by the river Drina, from the West White Rzav from the south and southeast and the river Kamišnom Kremna valley, and east, resting on the surface Stapar Ponikve and while it does the northeast border of the river Pilica ...



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Access to the National Park is relatively good and possible in three directions:
by Bjelovar - Kaluđerske Bare (16 km)
by Bjelovar - Perucac - Mitrovac (27km)
by Kremna - Bare Kaluđerske (9 miles)

Baska is asphalt roads associated with the main directions:
Belgrade - Valjevo - Bjelovar - Kremna - Visegrad
Belgrade - Cacak - Uzice - Kremna - Wet Gora - Visegrad
Sabac - Loznica - Ljubovija - Bjelovar


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     Zaovina Area is located on the southwestern slopes of the mountain of Tara, near the border with the Republic of Serbian, between two protected natural areas: the Tara National Park and Wet Up. This mountain village until the sixties of the 20th century did not have any traffic communications, except walking trails and wagon roads. With the construction of hydro-accumulation system leads to modernize infrastructure, which is closer to the area surrounding the urban centers, primarily Bašta.

     Mitrovac is one of the tourist centers in the National Park and is located at 56 km northwest of Uzice and 190 km from Belgrade. With an altitude of 1082 - 1085 m Mitrovac characterized by cold winters with little fluctuations in temperature and fall, which is warmer than spring. With 100 days with snow cover and an average thickness of 1 meter, 47 summer days with average daily tempereturom of 16.6 degrees Celsius and the average annual temperature of 7.5 degrees Celsius, the continental climate conditions - mountain, and are especially suitable for the recovery and treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, asthenia, anemia and other diseases.

     The area includes Kaludjerske Bara Tara plateau lying about more than 1000 m above sea level, with a preserved nature in which beauty is expressed in the landscape, ethnographic value and potential of organizing sports and recreational activities. This part of Tara is a tourist-recreational unit that includes accommodations, with support facilities and a number of areas intended for sport and recreation.

     The resort is located on Plum Road Kaluđerske Bare - Mitrovac and is mainly inhabited by rural households and cottage customers in this region. Plum brandy from Bajina Basta 21 km away from Bar Kaludjerske 5 km. The broader Šljivovice there is a nature reserve - the habitat of Serbian spruce and mixed forest reserve of fir, spruce and beech. Travel Center Plum is currently under-utilized, and according to the authors of the Urban Plan for this area should have a predominantly recreational sporting character with storage capacity for all forms of tourism (hotels, odmarališni, weekend).

     Only 8km from the bar is Kaludjerske Sokolina, tourist location with great potential. The plateau with a beautiful meadow surrounded by forests of fir, spruce, beech, is a true health resort. The favorable climate of the area, altitude, pressure, composition and moisture, acting on the human body healing, it is best to chronic lung disease. The configuration of the terrain is ideal for walking and mountain biking deal. The preserved natural forests are cooler in hot summer months.

    Osluša is located near steep slopes Mitrovca ​​above the Tar River Drina next bus. The morphological Osluše area can generally be characterized as a plateau with an average altitude of about 1000 m. It is an ideal place for mountain biking and hiking the forest trails.

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